Software and Video Lessons

The Guerrilla MBA is the core body of knowledge taught in the world's top business schools (Harvard, London Business School, INSEAD etc).

These are the same models, frameworks, perspectives, tools and techniques that expensive MBAs, PHDs and management consultants use to analyse business situations.

These models, frameworks, perspectives, tools and techniques are the basis of high level management professions (strategy, business analysis, change management, risk management, finance etc).

Successful business people, senior decision-makers and thought-leaders use this language and way of thinking.

The Guerrilla MBA is designed to provide quick access to the core body of knowledge. Read this pdf file to learn more.

The Guerrilla MBA product includes:

a) Software (windows only; allows you to easily mix and match models in order to analyse, create reports, fill presentations etc).

b) More than 150 video lessons covering the critical models and methodologies common to each MBA knowledge domain. Knowledge domains include:

Superstructure, Decomposition Models, Strategy, Leadership, Pressurization Forces, Competition Analysis, Macro Forces, Stakeholder Analysis, Time Management, Team Optimization, Life Cycles, Creativity / Innovation / New Product Development, Current-State Analysis, Target-State Analysis, Core Concepts, Inbound Logistics, Supply Chain, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Service, Finance, Risk Management, Goal Attainment, Process Analysis, Project Management, Change Management etc... .

Each video runs between 3-15 minutes and each knowledge domain will contain many videos. Each model and methodology is explained in context with other models and the business process. This has some excellent benefits, for example, if you have been assigned a change management project/job and know nothing about change management, watching 10-20 short videos (achieved in afew hours, including refreshments) explaining the use and context of the most critical models and processes will position you well to competently lead other management consultants, project leaders, business analysts, MBAs or PHDs and successfully complete the task.

Competence of the above knowledge domains can only be obtained by viewing the videos in specific groups and in specific order (the sequence is critical - it is the sequence that pulls out the bigger picture). All of the videos can only be accessed through private links, which are only available after purchase.


OPTION 1 - US$99: software license only - DOES NOT INCLUDE VIDEO LESSONS.

Following purchase, the license key will automatically appear on your screen.


OPTION 2 - US$149: video lessons only - DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFTWARE.

Following purchase, the video URLs will automatically appear on your screen.


OPTION 3 - US$199: software license + more than 150 VIDEO LESSONS.

Following purchase, the license key + video URLs will automatically appear on your screen.